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At Reinunga eco-hytta we try to minimise our impact on the climate.

  • Transportation : Coming and going by train & bike is a good place to start reducing CO2 emissions. Both Flåmsbana & Bergensbana trains are fully electric since 1944 and 1964 respectively.
  • Energy : All our power consumption comes from renewable sources (electricity from Norway's abundant hydroelectric power stations and wood from the valley).
  • Carbon sink : At the end of the year we calculate how much CO2 equivalent emissions our business has added to the atmosphere and we contribute to a carbon sink by planting trees in certified forests in Europe. Find out more.
  • Optional contribution : Are you coming to Norway by plane / car ? If you want to compensate by buying one or several trees we will be happy to make it happen for you ( you even get to be the legal owner of the trees !! ).


Preserving the ecosystems we live in is a choice and a challenge, we do our best.

  • Recycling : We try to produce as little trash as possible. The rest is taken down the valley and recycled. To further reduce waste we buy many local products that are not in plastic wrapping.
  • Less pollution : At Reinunga there are no roads, no cars, no pollution. We are also very careful about anything else that goes into the environment.
  • Phyto-purification : Our grey water system is a plant based, certified water purification system. We only use eco-friendly cleaning products. We have eco-friendly soaps and shampoo at the hytte. If you want to bring your own that's fine but please consider what it is made of before it goes down the drain.
  • Combustion toilets : We use certified combustion toilets. Everything is simply turned to ash, just the same as what you might find in your fireplace.


Did you know ?

The Fjord region has been ranked " the world's most sustainable travel destination" by National Geographic in 2004 & 2009.


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To help absorb the CO2 emissions generated by this site, a tree was planted with the company Ecotree.


Reinunga Experience AS, 929 303 695 MVA


"The natural choice" : Aurland municipality's slogan.

To the best of our capacity we use organic produces.

  • Food & Drink // Bed linen // hygiene & cleaning products



Aurland has a lively cultural heritage where farmers cultivate steep mountainsides and make the world’s best goat’s cheese.

To the best of our capacity we use local produces.


The veggie choice

At Reinunga eco-hytta, all our cooking is vegetarian. Of course if you want to cook meat and fish you are very welcome to. We just like to keep it simple and veggie on our part.

“ If not us, who?    If not now, when? ”

About us


Welcome to Reinunga Eco-Hytta, 

You are hosted by Paul and Lucy, a french couple in love with nature and the great outdoors. After travelling around Norway from Oslo to the North, we really had a crush for the Aurland area. We have been dreaming about Wild Norway for a few years. It was a perfect match to move to an area where nature is in the center of local activities and where traditions and handcrafts are maintained. 

We naturally chose the way of Ecotourism, and offer you a breakfast sourced from seasonal, organic and local products. Our building improvements are made with as low environment impact as possible: sustainable , recyclable and local materials.

We take into consideration the respect of the local  fauna and flora by reducing waste and use of plastics. Each year we calculate the climate impact of running our Reinunga Eco-hytta and we contribute toward a carbon sink by planting trees here in Europe. 

Our goal at Reinunga Eco-hytta is that you live the full mountain experience, in our altitude lodge. We have tried to create a calm place surrounded by nature, where you will want to spend a relaxing time in our cosy lodge. We envisioned Reinunga Eco-Hytta to be a place where families, couples and friends can create an experience to remember. 

Being both sport enthusiasts and adventure hungry, it is with great pleasure that we will share with you many sport possibilities around Reinunga Eco Hytta. We will also be happy to share our cultural tips for the area and recommend to you the local producers and craftsmen who bring our fjord to life. Reinunga Eco-Hytta is the perfect base camp for every adventure all around the year. You will enjoy it ! 


Lucie & Paul